Mead Making & Beekeeping (Room #1)
Using Fermented Foods in Everyday Meals - Vegetarian Reuben (Room #3)
Chocolate Making From Source to Factory (Room #2)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kimchi But Were Afraid To Ask (Room #2)
Synergistic Ferments for Preserving Sustainably (Room #3)
The Role of Sour Pickles and Fermented Tonics in E. European Jewish Cuisine (Room #4)
A Simple Guide to Making Beer in Your Tiny Kitchen (Room #1)

Vinegar Vanguards (Room #2)
Gut Microbiome: Research on Gut Bacteria and Fermentation (Room #3)
Living the Dream: a candid talk with New York City homebrewers who have recently opened breweries (Room #1)



A Simple Guide to Making Beer in Your Tiny Kitchen
Presented by: Erica Shea & Stephen Valand

Erica and Stephen from Brooklyn Brew Shop will take you through the process of making a one gallon batch of all-grain beer in your own kitchen (no matter how big or small). By simplifying the brewing process without dumbing it down or scaring you away with jargon, they'll walk you through your first brewday in a way that any fan of fermentation could get behind.

In addition to fielding any beer or general fermentation questions you have, they'll cover all the steps and ingredients that go into an amazing homemade beer. Plus there will be loads of beer to sample!


Presenter Bios:

Erica Shea and Stephen Valand of Brooklyn Brew Shop have been empowering the kitchen-curious since 2009. In addition to writing two brewing books (Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book and Make Some Beer), they design compact, attractive, and easy-to-use Beer Making Kits to get even the most space-strapped of apartment dwellers making their own beer with the same great ingredients as the world’s best craft brewers. So that means real beer from real ingredients. No extracts or sugar powders—only grain, hops, yeast and (depending on the beer) some fun and exotic spices.

FarmSteady is Brooklyn Brew Shop’s brand new and exciting line of DIY Food Kits. By bringing the same fun and approachable attitude toward cheese, baking, fermentation, foraging and more, FarmSteady encourages people to revel in the kitchen by savoring foods they would never imagine making at home—like everything bagels & cream cheese, soft pretzels & beer cheese, fresh Italian cheeses and kraut.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits and FarmSteady DIY Food Kits have been regularly featured in global press and are available online at select retailers worldwide.

Vinegar Vanguards
Presented by: Michael Harlan Turkell & Daniel Liberson

Welcome to the world of vinegar! Yes, it's just a acetobacter away from the booze you love and adore, with a doubling up on fermentation that makes for a sharp and zingy pantry item that's been around since the invention of wine or, well, just after we suppose. Michael Harlan Turkell, author of ACID TRIP, a vinegar cookbook, and Daniel Liberson, vinegar marker extraordinaire at Lindera Farms in Virginia, put their collective abilities together to make for a piquant discussion about vinegar's history, production, and applications in today's varied market. From bases like beer, honey and wine, with inflections of seasonal produce and flavor profiles, vinegar is much more than a foil to oil in a vinaigrette.


Presenter Bios:

Michael Harlan Turkell is a photographer, writer, and host of THE FOOD SEEN podcast on He's photographed over a dozen cookbooks, and written his own, ACID TRIP, about his travels in the world of vinegar. For more info:

Daniel Liberson is a Cook, Vinegar Maker, self-deprecator, and owner of Lindera Farms. His vinegars are used by some of the best chefs in the US including Sean Brock, Daniel Boulud, Dominic Crenn, Michael Anthony and many more. To learn more:

Gut Microbiome: Research on Gut Bacteria and Fermentation
Presented by: Cheryl Paswater & Erin Cramm

This lecture is a quick and dirty overview of all things Gut Microbiome, from the types of bacteria that reside in our gut to how they interact with our bodies and affect our health! Join Cheryl and Erin as they share research, personal stories and practical advice on healing and maintaining a healthy gut and parallels between gut bacteria and the bacteria found in fermented foods. All are welcome!


Presenter Bios:
Cheryl Paswater is a Fermentationist, Educator, Health Coach, Artist, Beekeeper, and Writer who after a near-death experience, turned to holistic medicine for help. After radical diet and lifestyle changes, she started teaching on fermentation, old world food preservation, the humanmicrobiome, food ethics, and holistic health. Cheryl runs a popular fermentation project called Contraband Ferments. (, she’s a contributing writer for Edible Brooklyn, periodic co-host for the radio show Fuhmentaboudit! on the Heritage Food Radio Network, and is currently working on her first book. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with all her ferments (as pets).

Erin Cramm works at a public high school in Queens, both as a math teacher and as an adviser to the Garden Club. Erin is also working towards her MA in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard College in VT.  Through this program, she is able to combine her interests in the Gut Microbiome, Wholesome Nutrition for Students, and Social Justice. In her spare time she dabbles in fermenting different foods and drinks at her UWS apartment with her adorable cat Toby.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kimchi But Were Afraid To Ask
Presented by: Kheedim Oh

Kheedim Oh will discuss the origin of kimchi, describe some different types, talk about it's health benefits, the fermentation process (duh!), and answer peoples questions about kimchi.


Presenter Bio:
Kheedim Oh founded Mama O’s Premium Kimchi to quench an appetite for his Mother’s kimchi and, most importantly, to share his family’s delicious and healthy recipe with others.

Synergistic Ferments for Preserving Sustainably
Presented by: Adam Elabd

Fermentation allows us to extract and/or preserve the earth's bounty in times of abundance. Some ferments, however, can create an unfortunately large amount of food waste. By delving deeper into the same creative ingenuity that is at the core of fermentation as a preservation technique, we can synchronize complementary ferments which make use of each other's "waste" and create evenmore wholesome and sustainable food systems. Lahpet (fermented tea leaves) with kombucha, pickled ginger with ginger beer andwhole grain sourdough withrejuvelac are some of the many pairings that will be discussed as examples of synergistic and sustainable fermentation techniques.


Presenter Bio:
Adam is an educator in the fields of fermentation, natural healing and nutrition and the author of a full length recipe book on fermentation: Fermenting Food Step-by-Step. His style and technique are informed by his Egyptian descent, childhood in Saudi Arabia and background as an herbalist. Adam and his wife, Yiyi Mendoza, currently reside in Upstate New York. He is the lead cook and brewer at TONICO, a cafe and tonic bar focused on traditional methods such as fermentation, slow cooking and the use of natural materials which will be opening soon in Troy, NY.

Using Fermented Foods in Everyday Meals - Vegetarian Reuben
Presented by: Michael Schwartz

One of the most frequent questions asked is “what the heck do we do with this stuff?” In this demo we will used cultured products to make a tasty vegetarian sandwich and talk about other options for using fermented items and protecting their probiotic benefits.


Presenter Bio:
Michael Schwartz is the owner of BAO Food and Drink and The Organic Food Incubator.
Michael is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in the food and beverage field for 30 years. He was employed in the kitchens of some of New York City's premier restaurants, including Osteria del Circo, where he was executive sous chef, and Le Cirque. He was on the faculty of Institute of Culinary Education for twelve years, teaching in both the recreational and career divisions.

Michael currently manages both BAO Food and Drink and the Organic Food Incubator, which is the home to 55 small food businesses and offers co-packing solutions to more than 25 startups.  Through the Organic Food Incubator, he has worked with over 90 small food manufacturers, offering solutions to manufacturing, facility development, and organic certification.

BAO manufactures 30 varieties of fermented vegetables, sauces and drinks.

The Role of Sour Pickles and Fermented Tonics in E. European Jewish Cuisine
Presented by: Jeffrey Yoskowitz

Pickles may seem like a free side dish at the deli, but pickled vegetables like sauerkraut and sour tonics like beet kvass are in many ways a vital piece of the Eastern European Jewish culinary story. Join the chief pickler of The Gefilteria and co-author of The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods (Flatiron, 2016) to find out how the tradition of pickling, preserving and fermenting fruits and vegetables was a lynchpin to Jewish survival and nutrition. And learn how easy—and important—it is to make your own naturally fermented sour dill pickles.


Presenter Bio:
Jeffrey Yoskowitz fell in love with the art of lacto-fermentation while training as a pickler on an organic Jewish farm in the foothills of the Berkshires. He is the co-owner of The Gefilteria, a culinary venture that reimagines Ashkenazi cuisine, and co-author of The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods. He has worked in the food world as an entrepreneur, consultant, cook, and as a writer. He's been published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Gastronomica, and many more publications. He was also featured in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in food and wine.

Mead Making & Beekeeping
Presented by: Bob Slanzi & Sergio Moutela

Bob will share his knowledge of beekeeping and honey fermentation in a talk designed to go over the very basics of these topics. Sergio will give a general overview of mead making practices with Q&A to follow.


Presenter Bios:
Bob Slanzi is a resident of Westchester county. He maintains beehives and harvests honey. He ferments honey into mead. Mead is the oldest known fermented beverage in which people made alcohol, 8,500 years ago.

Owner of Melovino Meadery, Sergio Moutela, has become a notable award-winning mead maker whose products have wowed even the most discerning and educated of palettes. His mead has been served at the James Beard House in NYC and has won multiple Gold medals in some of the biggest mead competitions in the world, both amateur and professional. He now owns and operates one of the fastest growing meaderies in the country, Melovino Meadery.

Living the Dream: a candid talk with New York City homebrewers who have recently opened breweries
John Lapolla, moderator

The NYC craft beer scene is exploding! With over twenty excellent breweries opening in the five boroughs in the past few years, the passion for craft beer is at an all time high. Many of these new breweries have been started by homebrewers.

Join John LaPolla, co-owner of Bitter & Esters homebrew shop in Brooklyn, in a discussion with homebrewers who have opened or are in the process of opening a brewery in NYC.

We'll be talking about the challenges, the rewards and what motivated them to open a brewery.
Included in the panel are Merlin Ward (Wartega Brewing, Brooklyn), Katarina Martinez (Line Up Brewing, Brooklyn), Sean Torres (Kills Boro Brewing Company, Staten Island), Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford (Finback Brewery, Queens), Danii Oliver (House of Juice, Brooklyn), and Jason Sahler (Strong Rope Brewery, Brooklyn).


Presenter Bio:
John LaPolla and Douglas Amport founded Bitter & Esters, New York City's homebrew supply shop, in July of 2011. Fueled by their desire to inspire, educate and nurture the growing homebrew community in a friendly space, they conceived of Bitter & Esters as a homebrew store, brew on premises location and classroom space. With access to resources, supplies and expertise, it is a creative hub for sharing brew tips and techniques. Bitter & Esters fosters a deep commitment to the craft of brewing.

Chocolate Making From Source to Factory
Presented by: William Widmaier

Cacao beans must be harvested, fermented, and dried before they can be transformed into chocolate. In this lecture, chocolate-maker Will Widmaier will take you through the entire process from source-to-factory and from bean-to-bar.


Presenter Bio:
William Widmaier is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker at Raaka Chocolate in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A Brooklyn native, William grew up pickling and fermenting foods from his backyard in Ditmas Park. William brews kombucha in his apartment and brings in extra SCOBYs to share with co-workers, as well as continues his childhood tradition of making fermented foods to enjoy throughout the year. He worked in the food industry for many years in many different roles before settling in at Raaka Chocolate.